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Pro Accessories Australia is an importer and distributor of leading brands of motorcycle accessories.

Both off-road and road, throughout Australia.





We have put more than a decade of research and development into improving

the less than desirable aspects of a mousse.  In general mousses are known

to be a compromise in performance on some level, but Nitromousse dramatically

enhances the positives while greatly reducing the negatives.

Nitromousse provides a much more progressive, predictable, and secure feel

from the very first ride that will never leave you stuck with a flat!

Nitromousse uses an incredibly tough micro-matrix of proprietary elastomers

Increasing Durability, allowing Nitromousse to last up to 2X longer than other


Nitromousse contains a high concentration of Nitrogen which gives it a much

Plusher, Pneumatic (air) feel, eliminating the dreaded "Dead Feel".

The Nitrogen formula gives the Nitromousse a Low Pressure Predictable ride,

Resisting Impacts and increasing Bump Absorption.

The Nitromousse compounds allow for a more Lively, Progressive ride

eliminating Deflection and providing a Lighter feel in motion.

Nitromousse does not need a Break In Period and has been designed and

tested to Perform Consistently in Temperature ranges from 1-40+

degrees Celsius.

Nitromousse's Performance and Durability all come at an Exceptional Price.



NM21220 Fits most tires sized: 80/100-21 & 90/90-21
NM21235 Fits most tires sized: 90/100-21
NM19255 Fits most tires sized: 100/90-19
NM19280 Fits most tires sized: 110/90-19 & 120/80-19
NM18270 Fits most tires sized: 100/100-18
NM18285 Fits most tires sized: 110/100-18
NM18305 Fits most tires sized: 120/100-18
NM18325 Fits most tires sized: 140/80-18
NM18345 Fits most tires sized: 140/100-18 Extra Soft
NMLUBE Silicone Mounting Gel 85G tube


















Avon Motorcycle Tyres are pleased to announce the launch of the new Spirit ST Hypersports Touring tyre.


Ultra-high performance hypersport touring tyre.

Highly loaded silica compound combined with state of the art polymer
technology for excellent wet and dry traction and handling.

Interlocking three dimensional points hidden in the sipes to improve
stability and grip, limit tread flex and allow the tyre to warm up quickly
(3D Sipes).

Avon’s latest technology construction design gives ultra high performance handling and stability characteristics.

Multi-compound rear tyres for all round tyre performance (TE)


Part Number
AV751711 4030011 AVON 110/70 ZR17 SPIRIT 54W   194.95
AV6517126 4030013 AVON 120/60 ZR17 SPIRIT 55W   194.95
AV751712 4030014 AVON 120/70 ZR17 SPIRIT 58W   204.95
AV751810 4030020 AVON 100/90 ZR18 SPIRIT 56W   194.95
AV751811 4030021 AVON 110/80 ZR18 SPIRIT 58W   194.95
AV751812 4030015 AVON 120/70 ZR18 SPIRIT 59W   229.95
AV751911 4030012 AVON 110/80 R19  SPIRIT 59V   224.95
AV751912 4030016 AVON 120/70 R19  SPIRIT 60W   209.95
AV761615 4030018 AVON 150/80 ZR16 SPIRIT 71W   274.95
AV761715 4030019 AVON 150/70 ZR17 SPIRIT 69W   254.95
AV7617166 4030111 AVON 160/60 ZR17 SPIRIT 69W   264.95
AV7617167 4030112 AVON 160/70 ZR17 SPIRIT 73W   259.95
AV761717 4030113 AVON 170/60 ZR17 SPIRIT 73W   284.95
AV761718 4030114 AVON 180/55 ZR17 SPIRIT 73W   284.95
AV761719 4030115 AVON 190/50 ZR17 SPIRIT 73W   284.95
AV7617195 4030116 AVON 190/55 ZR17 SPIRIT 75W   294.95
AV761720 4030117 AVON 200/50 ZR17 SPIRIT 75W   369.95
AV7617205 4030118 AVON 200/55 ZR17 SPIRIT 78W   399.95
AV761816 4030110 AVON 160/60 ZR18 SPIRIT 70W   274.95










This is a great little product which keeps your phone secure on your bike AND charged at the same time.  The mount holds any phone with a width between 60 to 100mm and will clamp to handlebars with a diameter of 22 – 32mm.  Easy to install, the unit comes complete with a 150cm long fused power cable with battery circles, two sets of clamp inserts for smaller diameter bars, an Allen key wrench, spare fuse AND the USB to iphone or Android cable to power your device.


#HLPA017               R.R.P. $54.95





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