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ThreeBond - Liquid Gasket


Liquid Gasket - Grey

Part No

TB11045 - 50g

TB11041 - 100g

  • Semi-drying elastomer
  • Excellent gap filling ability and LPG resistance
  • Inflammable
  • Motorcycle sealant
  • Also known as Yami Bond, Suzuki Bond, Kawasaki Bond
  • Synthetic rubber base takes up large gaps
  • Impervious to petrol, L.P.G. and water
  • Can be used with or without a gasket
  • Can be used to seal oil seals in alloy housings i.e. rear main oil seals, cam and crank shaft seals.
  • Doesn't cure fully, stays tacky
  • Temp Range -60 to 150 degrees C
  • Main use motor cycle crank case
  • Can also be used on rocker covers, sump, petrol pump gaskets
  • Sizes 50g blister pack, 100g tube, 200g tube

Liquid Gasket - Black

Part No

TB1207B - 100g

  • High Temp R.T.V. silicone sealant
  • Can be applied to Cylinder heads (with solid gaskets) & oil fans
  • Oxygen sensor safe, non corrosive
  • Set 5-10 mins
  • Temp range -60 to 320 degrees C
  • Genuine Toyota, Isuzu products
  • Use anywhere on engine, very high quality product
  • Can be used on head gasket but very hard to remove head gasket later.
  • Very strong bond
  • Application - apply a 2mm to 3mm bead and allow to become tack 
  • Free/touch dry before assembly

Liquid Gasket - White

Part No

TB1211 - 100g

  • Oxygen sensor safe, non corrosive
  • Can be applied to Chain cases, oil pans, crack cases, etc
  • Motor cycle sealant
  • Can be used for crank cases
  • Use without a gasket
  • More viscous than 1104
  • Doesn't sag
  • Impervious to petrol, oil, gas, water
  • Very good for copper head gaskets on race engines
  • Can be used on all types of head gaskets instead of hylomar
  • Pulls apart quiet easy and cleans up
  • Copper Gasket can be re-used
  • Temp range -60 to 250 degrees C


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