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MRA - X- Creen Touring





Tailor your bike's airflow to suit your individual height, riding stance combined with the noise characteristics of

your helmet and your typical cruising speed.

Easily adjustable in height and angle by hand - with no tools required - the award-winning, ergonomic and

complete MRA X-creen enables you to alter the airflow directed to reduce turbulence and buffeting, improve

your comfort and vastly reduce rider fatigue on - even the longest journeys.

The X-Creen can be fitted to your screen by either the Universal Bolt On Mount kit (details below) or you can drill your current screen.

Available in Clear or Grey

Rec Retail Price - Incl GST $225.00


Mounting with Screws
Mounting with Clamps


MRA - X- Creen Sport



The MRA X-Creen Sports: add-on variable windscreen spoiler is the perfect size for scooters and for small and mid size adventure, touring, commuting and sports bikes. This spoiler is available to fit most original motorcycle windshields to act as an adjustable wind deflector that will be set to redirect the air flow just the way you want it.

If you have a larger bike and would like the taller spoiler blade them MRA still have the original X-Creen, which is now called the X—Creen Touring.

This spoiler is height and angle adjustable using double-jointed mounting arms. Using the included hardware, the X-Creen Sport can either be temporarily attached using a removable clamp, or permanently bolted onto your windscreen. Note: Permanent bolt-on hardware requires that the screen be drilled using the included template for installation.

Dimensions: approximately 25cm wide x 10cm tall.
Included in the kit:

  • Spoiler Blade
  • Pivot Arm
  • Bolt-on Mounting Hardware
  • Clamp-on Mounting Hardware


  Part Number Rec Retail       inc GST
Clear MRUXCSA-0 $192.00
Grey MRUXCSA-1 $192.00



MRA - X- Creen Universal Bolt on Mount Kit




The Universal Bolt on Mount Kit saves you having to drill your scrren when fitting the X-Creen.


Rec Retail Price - Incl GST $49.00



MRA - Vario Touring Screen Extensions


MRA's Vario Touring Screen Extensions are now available to fit many original motorcycle windshields - choose the model that will fit your windshield's profile!

Choose the model that fits your motorcycle's windshield! Available in smoke grey tint only.

For fitting information, see the attached installation instructions.

Kit includes spoiler, hinges, and screws required for installation. Screws provided require a Torx T8 bit (not included). This item does NOT include a complete pre-assembled MRA Vario Touring Screen windshield!

Vario Touring Screen Extensions must be mounted in a position where the original windscreen is angled at 30 degrees.

Four 6.2mm (0.25 inch) diameter holes must be drilled in your original screen during installation. The two sets of 2 holes must be drilled at 1.5cm and 5.5cm from the rear edge of the screen.

The straight-line horizontal distance between the drill holes must be as follows for each model of Vario Touring Screen Extension:

Distance between

mounting holes

Total Width
Part Number
20.5cm 31cm MRUVTA10-1
21cm 28cm MRUVTA8-1
21cm 30cm MRUVTA9-1
22cm 30cm MRUVTA4-1
23cm 28cm MRUVTA1-1
24cm 33.5cm MRUVTA5-1
25cm 31cm MRUVTA11-1
25cm 33cm MRUVTA2-1
26.5cm 34cm MRUVTA3-1
26.5cm 34cm MRUVTA6-1

Please note that Vario Touring Screen Extensions are NOT returnable once the original factory packaging has been opened.

Fit on particular original windscreens is NOT guaranteed. If you wish to have a windscreen with a pre-installed Vario Touring Screen Extension, please see MRA's Vario Touring Screens for Faired Bikes or MRA's Vario Touring Screen for Naked Bikes!

Pro Accessories Australia and MRA are not responsible for any damage to an original windscreen resulting from use or installation of the Vario Touring Screen Extensions.

Note: The VTA3 and VTA6 spoilers have the same mounting dimensions but are slightly different shapes. The VTA3 spoiler is straighter and longer, while the VTA6 spoiler is more rounded at the rear edge.



Rec Retail Price - Incl GST $192.00   |   site by enitiative