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MRA - Racing


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Racing Windshield

In the year 1994, the MRA appeared as the first "double bubble" racing screen manufacturer at the international motorcycle trade fair, IFMA, in Cologne. This screen type was developed to reduce the air resistance of racing and sports bikes, thus increasing their top speed.

In the following years, famous motorcyclists such as Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Alex Barros, Carlos Checa, Andrew Pitt, Gary McCoy, Ralf Waldmann, Nobby Ueda and others won Grand Prix victories and world championships on Grand Prix bikes with MRA racing screens.

However, successful ideas in racing sport do not translate to the open road without some modification. The round dome turned out to have an adverse effect on riding stability, causing lift at top speeds in some models. The screen also caused air turbulence that tugged the rider's helmet to and fro unless the rider kept hunched down right behind the screen.

The latest generation of racing screens comes with a very different dome design that is flattened at the top; so instead of creating lift, it tends to pull the front of the bike onto the road - a more desirable effect. The turbulence problem has also been eliminated. In order to reduce the vacuum effect under the dome, some models now have air intake slits in the front part that improve air flow at the edge. These improvements have also been adopted for our existing models, so those who ride older bikes can also benefit from these developments.


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