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Motool - Slacker



                                                                        SLACKER AUTO ZERO

Take Control of Your Ride!
Setting your sag is the simplest, most overlooked adjustment that you can make to

drastically improve the handling of your bike. It’s also the most important step in

setting up your suspension. Slacker makes it a simple one-man job so now you

can make it part of your regular bike prep and your bike will always be on point.

The Easiest, Most Accurate way to set sag.
Slacker is an easy to use system that allows a person to quickly and easily make

precise adjustments to their bike’s suspension.  It was developed over the course

of two years with input from industry leaders like Factory Connection, Pro Circuit

and MB1 Suspension to assure the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the tool.

Universal Mounting: 

The Slacker scale works on both front and rear axles and is excellent for setting up

new generation SFF Spring and Air forks. The clamp attaches to number plates or

fenders offering great flexibility. Slacker even sticks to your toolbox for easy access!

Remote Display:

 A remote LCD display can be strapped on the bars allowing a single person to easily

take mesurements.

Any Bike, Any Time: 

The Slacker digital sag scale works with any off-road bike 65cc or above with steel axles.

This, along with the universal clip, ensures the Slacker scale works on almost every dirt bike.

Titanium adapters are also available!


R.R.P.  $199.95

Street Kit also avaiable R.R.P. $39.95   |   site by enitiative