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Forcefield - Reviews


The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 back protector has been voted the Product Of The Year, Best Product/Service at the much acclaimed Motorcycle News MCN Awards.

Speaking from the awards Forecfield design manager Richard Andrews said "We are over the moon, we put a lot of work into trying to create the best possible product we can and when that effort is recognised it feels great!"

The Pro Sub 4 is the world's first Motorcycle back protector to transmit less than 4kn when subjected to the standard CE test and comes with a removable washable cover as well as standard Forcefield features such as RPT Repeat Performance Technology.

Forcefield- Best Buy again! RiDE Magazine

Forcefield L2 Pro Back Protector wins the Best Buy award at the highly rated RiDE magazine! This is the second time Forcefield has been awarded this honour, and remains the only back protector on the market to hold the best buy title!

The score we received was 29/30, a score also shared with the Halvarsson back protector, which has very close ties with the Forcefield Pro.

If you are buying a back protector, make sure you check out the dealer section, find your closest dealer and go and try one on, you will be amazed.

Comfort and safety that cannot be matched!


Forcefield Win Again

The Forcefield Pro L2 Back Protector has just won the MOTY award for best new product in the popular American Motorcycle magazine. With comfort, fit and breathability as well as class leading performance the Pro L2 was a clear winner.

Brilliant in Bike! A must have product!

Bike Magazine tests Forcefield Back Protector.
This is what they thought of it.......

Tested by Garry Mears. Bike June 2007.

"The best I've used, this waffle styled back protector is both flexible and shock absorbing, which makes old, hard plastic items seem woefully primitive. The best thing is that after a few minutes it completely moulds to your body and you forget its there. It has plenty of adjustment and the main strap is perfectly positioned. I also like the fact it extends down over your kidney and lumbar region, too. It's available in XS, (Level 1 version a bargain at ?50) S, M, L, and in a Ladies fit too."

Rating 5/5

The Back protector tested, and pictured is the Forcefield Pro (Level 2) version, however, it is listed as a Sport-lite in the magazine. If you want to buy one of the protectors as tested, please ask for a Pro (Level 2) type.

Also on the previous page the magazine makes reference to some of the more traditional harder types of armour, used as back protection (still on the market today). These are described as bulky, crude and not very pleasant to ride in. For all you guys riding in Forcefield and have tried others, you will know just how right they are!

Forcefield Sales

Fantastic Growth from the UK Brand Forcefield Body Armour!

Wow, what a year it has been for Forcefield so far.
Latest sales figures from the UK?s leading soft body armour manufacturer make great reading.
Forcefield sales have increased dramatically over the last 12 months. This is reflected in both sales in the UK and Overseas through our growing distributor network.
A very strong, and still growing UK dealer base, who all know about the product and its benefits contribute strongly to the success.
Forcefield is now sold in 20 countries worldwide, including the USA where the Level 2 Pro back protector became the ?benchmark by which all back protectors should be judged? The best testament any product can have. (Motorcyclist magazine)
Our product has also been used on channel 5 The Gadget show recently, as well as featuring strongly in most of the UK motorcycle press. In many cases coming out top in motorcycle body armour tests.

Forcefield want to thank all their customers and individuals for the business we have received over the past 12 months. We hope you continue to enjoy Forcefield products. Watch this space for new products soon!

Forcefield Body Armour- Protection without compromise

Forcefield in Superbike Magazine and Performance Bike Magazine- May 2007 issues.

Check out the latest Superbike magazine. The Forcefield Pro Back protector is reviewed on the New Products pages, as This Months most wanted gear.
As we have come to expect they highlight the very comfortable, non restrictive and flexible nature.
They also mention a recent test where the Forcefield back protector outscored its major rivals. This is correct and was conducted by a Swedish Motorcycle Magazine. Not only did they look at comfort issues, but published the impact results. All the major brands were in the test, we are pleased to announce that ours not only won, but was a winner by a huge margin! This proves yet again that the Forcefield Pro is the best you can buy....

Forcefield Back Protection- the one to have in the USA!

Things are on a roll for Forcefield at the moment. Regarded as the best Back Protection by press and consumers alike throughout the UK and Europe, it is now turn for the USA to give the Level 2 back protector the very highest praise!

In the March 2007 issue of Motorcyclist they carried out a back protector review. Here is what they had to say about Forcefield-

"Heres the benchmark by which all other back protectors should be judged"

"Layers of shock absorbing nitrex foam slow impact energy levels to less damaging levels. The combination transmits less force than anything else we have seen."

"Much thinner than you would expect for such World Class protection, the Forcefield slips under tight leathers without becoming an encumbrance."

Here at Forcefield we are working hard to give you the best protection, it seems now the rest of the world is starting to listen! Again this proves that hard armour does not cut it anymore.


Forcefield Wins again! RiDE Magazine February 2007

Yet again Forcefield Body Armour has come out on top in an independent impact test carried out by RiDE magazine. (February 2007 Edition). This adds to a growing number of magazine articles in which Forcefield wins.
In a thorough investigation into the quality of body armour available in the shops today, they found Forcefield to be at least 50% better than the CE standard pass rates. Now is the time to upgrade your armour

--Some quotes from RiDE magazine--

~2006 Forcefield Armour; top performer in our investigation~

~Forcefield Armour, selling a new kind of armour made from PVC Nitrile which is the stuff that did so well in our investigation. This material has good shock absorbing qualities and is very pliable and so can provide a good contoured fit. A (Forcefield) back protector made from PVC Nitrile won Best Buy in RiDEs 2005 test~

Key points to the range are
Flexible and non-restrictive
Multi-Impact (will not loose its strength half way through a crash).

Both the Back protector and Armour Pieces have been proven to offer the best protection in impact tests, both here, Sweden and Germany! It is the best you can buy!


Magazine Quotes, what others say............

We are putting together our new brochure, due out next month. In the process of doing this we dug out some great great magazine quotes from over the last 12 months or so, here are some of them-

RiDE magazine. Body armour investigation- Feb 2007
~2006 Forcefield Armour; top performer in our investigation~

RiDE magazine- Best Buy Award- L2 (Pro) Back protector
~Our rider was raving about the Forcefield (back protector), finding it flexible, yet reassuringly solid~...~29/30, just dropping one mark is unprecedented~
~10/10 protection, 10/10 construction~

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure Magazine/ L2 (Pro) Back protector
~soft, flexible, comfortable...ideal for long distance and adventure riding~

Supermoto magazine/ Reviewing the Action Shorts
~a great addition to your kitbag~

We hope you say the same thing.
If you have not bought any Forcefield armour yet, don~t delay, get ready for the season, check out your closest dealer from this site.

Forcefield...Protection without compromise

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