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Bolt - Sportsbike Japanese Kits


#BM99SBTP - Sportsbike Track Pack

If you are looking for a fairing bolt kit for your motorcycle, check out the Bolt Sportbike Track Pack. Packed with over 100 pieces of premium factory style metric hardware including fairing bolts, nylon rivet/plastic clips, button head bolts, hex flange bolts, metal locking nuts, nylock nuts, washers and screws.

This kit has been designed for late model Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha & Kawasaki sportbikes, but Bolt has been told it works well for street & touring models as well.

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RRP - $24.95

#BM2006SBPP - Sportsbike Pro Pack

Designed by extensively reviewing the needs of mechanics and riders at the dealership and at the racetrack, this kit is over 250 pieces of premium factory style hardware including socket head bolts, button head bolts, flange bolts, nylon removable rivets, Fuji-lock nuts, fairing bolts and more. Fits all late model Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki sportbikes.

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RRP - $64.95


#BM2006SSNUT - Sportsbike Sprocket Nuts

14mm Hex head M10 metal locking nuts with washers. Fits Japanese Sport & Touring motorcycles and Japanese sport and utility ATV's.

RRP - $9.95


#BM2009SSSS - Silver Sportsbike Swingarm Spools

#BM2009SSSBK - Black Sportsbike Swingarm Spools

Available in black or silver finish, our Universal Sportbike Swingarm Spools are guaranteed to fit all Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, BMW, Aprilia, & Triumph sportbikes with factory swingarm spool mounts. These low profile 6061 billet aluminium spools stay clear of the track at all lean angles. The tapered base of the spool guides your lifting forks to the outside of the spools so your forks won't scratch the swingarm.

Kit includes all mounting hardware for M6, M8 & M10 mounting holes as well as installation instructions. Available in Silver or Black.

RRP: $29.95




RRP - $14.95


This kit includes six class 10.9 zinc plated stell sprocket bolts with factory style metal locking nuts. Each sprocket bolt has threadlock patches applied for a double-lock. Kits also include one 8mm tool insert for socket wrenches. Available in 3 colours.

Important installation information
Hub-Savers are the strongest, most complete sprocket fasteners available and have been developed and tested at the professional level in both motocross and off-road applications. Sprocket bolts are a critical fastener and must be installed properly to ensure your safety and to avoid damaging your machine. To insure long and reliable use of these quality fasteners:
• First clean and inspect your hub. If the hub is damaged or if the mounting holes are oval, the hub must be replaced.
• Use the included Allen insert in an 8mm socket wrench to install the sprocket bolts. If your motorcycle uses washers behind the nut, you must re-install the washers.
• Refer to your owner’s manual for the proper torque (typically 25-35 ft lbs), take the torque reading on the nut side. Never over-tighten sprocket bolts!
• Use a permanent marker to make an aligning mark on the nut and hub. Inspect this mark periodically to insure the nut is maintaining torque.

If your sprocket bolts become loose, they must be replaced! Sprocket bolts become loose only under extreme stress, an indication that either they were installed improperly or there is a problem with the drive line. Check the drive line for bent chain guides, bad wheel alignment, damaged mounting holes on the hub, etc. Properly tightened sprocket bolts on properly functioning drive lines will remain tight indefinitely.

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