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Avon - Tyre Construction

Encompassed within every Avon motorcycle tyre is some of the world’s most advanced tyre technology. It’s what helps give Avon tyres their edge. This technology has been painstakingly developed and tested over many years and means that regardless of what type of bike you have and where you ride, you can have absolute

faith in your tyres.


Reading The Sidewall

The writing and symbols on the sidewall of your tyre aren’t there simply to make it look good, they all tell you something about the specification of the tyre. That includes the speed at which the tyre can safely be used, the loads it can carry, its width, which way round to mount it on the wheel, where it’s made and what safety standards it’s passed.

At first glance you might think all that information is in code, but if you move your pointer over the diagram below, you'll see that there's really no great mystery.   |   site by enitiative