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Donington's Track Attack chooses Avon tyres for their instructors and marshals


One of the UK’s top track day companies has chosen to solely use Avon's AV59/AV60 Xtreme road legal track tyre on their instructors’ bikes. Manufactured and distributed by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe Limited, the Avon branded AV59/AV60 range was developed with advanced construction methods providing exceptional grip for high-power machines.


Based solely at Donington Park, Track Attack is unique in the UK for using travelling marshals alongside their instructors. Throughout the year these ‘active marshals’ have the highly desirable job of constantly circulating the track in order to police any incidents quickly and without disruption to the session.


Derbyshire’s Donington Park circuit is known for its abrasive surface which can wear tyres quickly, especially on high-performance machines like those utilised by the Track Attack team.


“We’ve tried a lot of tyres over the years,’ says Track Attack chief instructor and former racer, Alec Tague. ‘It hasn’t been uncommon for us to go through two rear tyres a day on some manufacturers’ products - the cost of which soon adds up. The Avon AV59/AV60 Xtreme offers staggering grip with unsurpassed track mileage returns. The team has been so impressed by their performance that we’re now all using them.”


Launched in May, the Avon AV59/AV60 Xtreme has been quick to pick up strong support with road and track riders. The concentration on Xtreme’s dry weather, hard use allows for a minimal tread pattern to get the maximum amount of the fast-warming, soft compound rubber to the tarmac.


Traction levels are further boosted by a contact patch that grows as the motorcycle leans. Advanced Variable Belt Density (A-VBD) is Avon’s construction method using a jointless belt of Aramid fibres which are spaced accordingly to allow a degree of flex to broaden the footprint at high lean angles. AV59/AV60 Xtreme also benefits from a lightweight mono-ply casing construction as opposed to a standard two-ply construction, feeding in an improved level of rider ‘feel’.



AV59/AV60 XTREME AV61 FRONT                  AV59/AV60 XTREME AV62 REAR

120/70 ZR17                                             180/55 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17


For your nearest Avon Tyres stockist contact (07) 3277 0675 or visit our dealers page.

For more information on Avon please visit our Avon page.


The Avon Tyres brand is owned by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company






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